Advanced Solutions for Telco and Media

Advanced Solutions for Telco and Media

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We are the leading specialist of television and video services with a true passion for technology and innovation. As a provider of cloud applications and services, we help organizations effectively build or transform TV and video businesses to successfully meet the needs and expectations of their audiences with on-line and on-demand services.

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We are a talented global and multicultural team of video specialists with wide experience in the Telecom and Media industry. We work everyday to provide our customers and partners with the best solutions based on proven technology and innovation.

Our mission is to empower our partners in their journey to build professional television and video services, transforming how content is experienced and delivered through high-quality, cost-efficient and user-centric online services. 

What makes us different

Specialized Team

Our international team of more than 300 video specialists has a solid experience in innovating and delivering streaming solutions for the telecom and media industry.

Proven Technology

For more than 14 years, our products, solutions and services have helped our partners deliver crucial TV content to more than 50M households around the world.

Modular Platform

Our cloud-based modular architecture is a pre-integrated and proven system built to distribute today’s and tomorrow’s digital TV services to any device, at any scale.

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